Bogdan Dziworski

Born 1941, Łódź. Photographer, camera operator, director and a scriptwriter. He is the graduate of the Direction of Photography and TV Production Department at the Lodz Film School. He worked as an operator in Polish Film Chronicle (1965), then made films in Educational Film Studio in Łódź (1966-78) and Film Production Company "Film Groups" in Warsaw (1973-91). Since the beginning of 1980s, he is associated with the University of Silesia in Katowice, where he was the dean of the Faculty of Radio and Television. In 2002, he was granted the full professorship. A member of Polish Filmmaker Association as well as ZAIKS and a honorary member of The Association of Polish Art Photographers. He is the author of over 40 short and documentary films.

His photographs were presented at many solo exhibitions, e.g. in Warsaw, Krakow, Łódź, Wrocław and Berlin.

He published the following albums: "My View. Polish Impressions in Photography", Hannibal Verlag 1981; "Fotografia polska – Bogdan Dziworski", Terra Nova Krzysztof Hejke 1999; "1/250 sekundy", Wydawnictwa Artystyczne i Filmowe 2000; "Blicke: Passanten 1930 bis heute, Aus der Fotosammlung der Albertina", Albertina 2007 (group exhibition catalog).
Bogdan Dziworski

    Bogdan Dziworski - Social Games

    Exhibition open: 25.05.2011 - 06.07.2011

    The exhibition contains 37 black and white photographs, taken during three decades: from 1960’s till 1980’s. Beside well-known pictures, being an important part of the heritage of polish photography, there are also premieres, unpublished, never shown, discovered in the Artist’s archives.

    Bogdan Dziworski - f/5.6

    Exhibition open: 08.09.2017 - 22.10.2017

    Bogdan Dziworski’s photography exhibition entitled "f /5.6" will be displayed at Leica 6x7 Gallery Warsaw. The retrospective will show an outstanding filmmaker in a role of photographer. Bogdan Dziworski is considered the master of street photography and he is often called “polish Cartier-Bresson”. Polish society of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s has become a main theme of Dziworski’s tender and subjective documentaries. To save it he used black and white analogue photography – during the show we will display a beautiful selection of gelatin silver prints.
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