Jacob Degee

Degee’s photographs are much more than eye-catching images with which wildlife photography is commonly associated. Although he photographs unpredictable nature, he has managed to work out his own way to organize photoshoots where the main object, composition and even symbols are carefully planned long before the trip to the chosen destination.
Degee searches for wild models all around the world and never photographs animals outside their natural habitats. He waits for his „protgaonists” for days and then spends with them as much time as it is necessary to become acquainted and get used to the photographer’s presence. Thanks to this method, he can capture these animals up close, which is hardly ever - or in some case never - accomplished in underwater photography.

Jacob Degee has been a diver since he was 12. He is a graduate of the Academy of Photography in Warsaw and has been trained by dr Alexander Mustard MBE during the workshops in Indonesia, the Philippines and the Cayman Island. He specializes in underwater portraits, and his goal is to document species that have never been photographed from up close, such as the American crocodile or anaconda.
Winner of following international photo competitions:
2018 GDT European Photographer of the Year
2018 Underwater Photographer of the Year
2018 Ocean Geographic Pictures of the Year
2019 Hasselblad X You contest
2019 Our World Underwater Competition
2020 Underwater Photographer of the Year
2020 GDT European Photographer of the Year
2020 Asferico Contest in Italy
2020 MontPhoto Contest in Spain
2020 PX3 Photo Contest in France
Selected works
  • Jakub Degee
    • Shark portrait
      Jacob Degee
      Shark portrait
    • Opera
      Jacob Degee
    • Croc impressionism
      Jacob Degee
      Croc impressionism
    • The holes in water
      Jacob Degee
      The holes in water
    • The Eye
      Jacob Degee
      The Eye
    • Tango
      Jacob Degee
    • Croc portrait
      Jacob Degee
      Croc portrait
    • One two three
      Jacob Degee
      One two three
    • Milky Way
      Jacob Degee
      Milky Way
    • The Hammer
      Jacob Degee
      The Hammer