Paweł Jaszczuk

Born 1978, Warsaw. He is a graduate of the faculty of graphic design at School of Visual Arts in Sydney, Australia. For many years he was living in Japan. In that time he made two photographic series "Salaryman” and "Kinky City”. Both were exhibited in Berlin, Beijing, Copenhagen, Tokio and Warsaw and Vienna. His works were also exhibited on festivals like Photomonth in Krakow 2013 and Fotofreo Festival Australia 2010.
Paweł Jaszczuk

Paweł Jaszczuk - Kinky City

Exhibition open: 08.11.2014 - 14.12.2014
Curator: Rafał Łochowski
Producer: Jarosław Szamborski

The Western belief that the body is a source of sin has never caught on in Japan. The concept of clean/unclean does not exist. Sex, eroticism, pornography — all this is a part of life, art, a natural human need, which in Japan is not subject to moral evaluation. Whatever you do with your body is your own business.