Robby Cyron

born in 1970 in Gliwice, Poland. For more than 25 years he has been exploring in his work the theme of nature, sensuality and beauty. The results of these observations has been published in the largest magazines in the world and displayed during art shows in Poland and Germany.

Robby Cyron’s interest in photography started in the 1980s when the artist emigrated to Germany. In his new hometown, Fulda his first exhibition was shown and it gave a rise to a growing recognition of the photographer in the art community. Numerous journeys have expanded the portfolio and allowed Robby to work all around the world, including in Spain, Italy, the United States and South Africa.

His works were displayed in Poland in CSW Zamek Ujazdowski in Warsaw (2003), Galeria Nizio, (Warsaw, 2004),  Instytut Fotografi Fort (Warsaw, 2016) and abroad including Munich, Kunzell and Fulda. Robby Cyron is also a co- founder of the Gallery „Eismaschine” in Fulda (Germany) in 1995 and gwl* („Galeria w lesie”), Warsaw in 2012.

Robby Cyron

    Robby Cyron - Figura animalis

    Exhibition open: 10.02.2018 - 17.03.2018

    Pierwszy projekt pokazywany w roku 2018 to „Figura Animalis” Robby’ego Cyrona, otwarcie wystawy odbędzie się 9 lutego w Leica 6x7 Gallery Warszawa. Spotrtetowane na czarnym tle kury ozdobne oraz konie Cyron fotografuje z finezją i wyczuciem malarza niderlandzkiego.
    Selected works
    • Robby Cyron – Gallus
      • #11 Ko-shame Game, Gallus
        Robby Cyron
        #11 Ko-shame Game, Gal...
      • #2 Onagadori, Gallus
        Robby Cyron
        #2 Onagadori, Gallus
      • #18 Wyandotta miniaturowa, Gallus
        Robby Cyron
        #18 Wyandotta miniatur...
      • #15 Białoczuby miniaturowe, Gallus
        Robby Cyron
        #15 Białoczuby miniat...
      • #9 Silkie Bantam, Gallus
        Robby Cyron
        #9 Silkie Bantam, Gall...
      • #23 Padewska, Gallus
        Robby Cyron
        #23 Padewska, Gallus
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