Leica 6×7 Gallery at AIPAD The Photography Show 2018, NYC

6×7 Gallery is proud to exhibit at the longest running and one of the world’s most prestigious exhibition dedicated to the photographic medium: The Photography Show presented by AIPAD, taking place April 5-8 at Pier 94 in New York City.


6×7 Gallery strives to promote emerging Polish artists, presenting their works at international art fairs and exhibitions throughout the world. Following numerous successful presentations in Europe (Warsaw, Paris, Vienna, Milan, Salzburg, Berlin) and Asia (in Hong-Kong and Singapore) we are extremely proud to be able to present the works of our talented artists in New York, world capital of photography.

We cordially invite all photography and art enthusiasts to visit us on the bank of the Hudson River on Pier 94, booth #809, to discover the exciting emerging Polish photography scene through the works of two famous artists from Central Europe: Tomasz Wysocki and Paweł Żak.

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Tomasz Wyscoki (B. 1990)
A master of powerful imagery, mature beyond his age

One of the most talented photographers of a young generation in Europe. Tomasz studied Photography at the celebrated National Film School in Lodz, Poland. For the fair in New York, we are happy to present a selection of works that were never exhibited before from Wysocki’s most recent project “The Taste of Cherries”.

2. Tomasz Wysocki, Untitled from the series The Taste Of Cherries, 2018
Tomasz Wysocki, Untitled from the series The Taste Of Cherries, 2018

Tomasz creates a surreal, multi-layered visual story in a series of 12 unique images that investigate diverse, yet universal events of human life. He constructs his world and its protagonists within the settings created through a specific frame in mind. Every element is meticulously arranged without any manipulation or compositing; the digital editing technology has been only used for basic retouching. The unexpected and visionary “Taste of Cherries” proves how dreamed-up landscapes and symbolic visions are being unveiled to the contemporary viewer through the medium of photography.

PAWEŁ ŻAK (B. 1965)
A master of contemporary Still Life
“…Although usually there are no dishes on the table, there is an unsettling, unknown, and unclear mystery, happening in front of our eyes. Sometimes, you get the impression, that it is not the table, not the memento of the last supper with a stained tablecloth; but a deathbed after the last rites, with an unneeded shroud, from which both the body, and the spirit, have vanished, not leaving any significant traces…” said Bogdan Konopka about Paweł Żak’s series “Other Still Lifes”.

Pawel Zak,Untitled from the series And other still lifes,2014
Pawel Zak, Untitled from the series And other still lifes, 2014

“Other Still Lifes” constructs an unusual collection of stationary still objects that are bonded together for their composition or symbolic features. Small, lifeless objects are very important topics for painters, but there are fewer photographers, who are focused on still life. Paweł Żak is a master in this genre. For over 25 years, Pawel has surprised numerous audiences with his sensitivity and perception. He exhibited his works countless times all over Europe. A week after the show in New York he will open his solo exhibition in Kyoto. His works are extremely popular amongst European collectors and institutions such as the National Museum and Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, the Museum of Art in Lodz, the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris and many more.

Practical information:
The Photography Show presented by IPAD
April 5-8th, 2018 (opening: april,4th, 5PM)
Pier 94, 12th Avenue, NYC, USA
booth: 809

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