Mikołaj Grynberg – Characters

16.11 - 06.12.2011
  • Mikołaj Grynberg

    Mikołaj Grynberg

“Characters” is a series by one of the most celebrated polish photographers – Mikolaj Grynberg.
The series of acts is built around the theme of shame. The artist, with strong sociological background, is looking for those micro-gestures, masks and faces, which are our personal attempts to hide something, especially our bodies.

However in the perspective given by Grynberg the result is opposite, without aggression, in very classical way, he discovers all of those attempts, showing them as part of our natural, simple and honest reactions.

Mikolaj Grynberg, born first day of summer, 1966. A psychologist, photographer, writer. Lectures at Warsaw’s School of Photography.
He is mostly interested in picturing people – he is a master of portrait, but does also still life and even landscapes. His images are often part of complex artistic or documentary projects, accompanied by text or sound. His exhibitions sometimes become installations.

Mikolaj Grynberg works mostly in analog techniques, often using mid- and large format cameras and noble technologies of development. His pictures are filled with special, soft climate and nostalgia. They were awarded with many polish and international prizes. He calls himself a happy man, who had found his place in the World.

Grynberg is one of the best known polish photographers abroad. He exhibited in Italy, France, Estonia, Brasil, Peru, Ukraine, Israel, Mexico, Chile, Russia and of course many times in Poland. He published three books.