05.07 - 12.07.2012
  • Kacper Kowalski

    Kacper Kowalski

  • Mariusz Janiszewski

    Mariusz Janiszewski

  • Rafał Milach

    Rafał Milach


See I sea? It’s a multidimensional look at one of the classic themes in photography and culture in general. The great waters fascinate and very often turn into a very intriguing subject of observation and inquiry.

The sheer scale of the sea makes a man on a background of blue look meaningless and too frail to survive. Closer unrelenting look at the man-sea relationship reveals, however, that this apparent weakness can become heroism. The sea and coastlines are the stage for extraordinary observation of events that take place somewhere on the sidelines of our everyday life.

The exhibition presents few selected projects by Rafał Milach, Agata Pietroń, Łukasz Sokół, Beat Presser, Mariusz Janiszewski and Kacper Kowalski.

Each of them makes the great waters reason for bringing attention to difficult reality.

For Beat Presser and Mariusz Janiszewski it’s a pretext for a meeting with the exotic, but also it allows them to show another dimension of the man-nature struggle in everyday work and life. Thanks to Agata Pietroń’s pictures one can observe how dreams are fulfilled – she tells the story of the group of blind people sailing on the sea. Łukasz Sokół in a freely manner of a street photographer portrays singular fleeting moments.

Known from his cycle “Black Sea of Concrete” Rafał Milach’s works explore changes and transitions that are happening now in Ukraine. Finally, Kacper Kowalski from the perspective of a paraglider flying over the coastline, sees in traces of human presence abstract compositions.

Each of the projects uses different means of expression. Each of them shows the sea from a different perspective and within a different context. Distance interlaces here with intimacy. Spontaneity and energy of a classic photoreportage is intertwined with the elaborate and mature form of a documentary.