Polish photo scene: “Gespräche über polnische Fotografie” book presentation

Leica 6×7 Gallery Warsaw invites for the “Gespräche überpolnische Fotografie” book presentation with Jens Pepper and his guests:  Magda Hueckel, Zuza Krajewska and Janek Zamoyski. A publication explores the Polish photographic scene through interviews. The talk in Leica 6×7 Gallery Warsaw (Thursday, September, 20th), will be held in English. The event starts at 18:00. 

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“Gespräche überpolnische Fotografie” book cover

What is a situation of Polish photography abroad? What can be done to make it better known there? How does the political situation in Poland influence Polish photographers in their search for contacts outside Poland? How art fairs and galleries could efficiently promote Polish modern art out of the country? These questions will be the subject of conversation between Jens Pepper and invited photographers: Magda Hueckel, Zuza Krajewska and Janek Zamoyski.

Jens Pepper
Bremen-born writer, curator and photographer, Jens Pepper, who launched ‘Gespräche über polnische Fotografie’, a publication which explores the Polish photographic scene through interviews.  He writes about photography (Photonews, Kunstzeitung, brennpunkt, DOC! photo magazine, etc.), occasionally curates exhibitions and also takes photographs himself. Recently he has started a book with conversations about the London photo scene, which will be published at the end of 2018.

Magda Hueckel
(*1978 in Poland), photographer
Studied stage design and photography in Gdansk. After working as stage designer she is now photographing Polish theater plays for about 10 years. Together with her husband Tomasz Sliwinski she filmed the documentary “Our Curse”, which was nominated for an Academy award in 2015. She lives in Warsaw.

©Magda Hueckel, from REM Cycle/Primavera series

Zuza Krajewska
(*1975), photographer
Studied grafic design in Gdansk. Worked for advertising agencies before doing first photo jobs in the fashion industries. One of the most interesting fashion photographers in Poland. Assignment for Vice, Elle, K-Mag and many more. Parallel to her work in fashion she is doing social documentaries. Her book IMAGO was published 2017 by Kahl publishers in Paris.

© Zuza Krajewska, from IMAGO series

Janek Zamoyski
Studied economics at the “Warsaw School of Economics”. Master in 2013. 20006-2011 photographer for Gazeta Wyborcza in Warsaw. In 2010 he founded Czulosc gallery.

Gespräche über polnische Fotografie”
318 pages, 30 interviews 
Format 23 x 15,5 cm, Soft cover

Interviews with: Krzysztof Candrowicz • Wiktor Dąbkowski • Jacek Dehnel • Agnieszka Dwernicka • Alicja Dobrucka • Aleksandra Fedorowicz-Jackowska • Krzysztof Gierałtowski • Łukasz Gorczyca • Aneta Grzeszykowska • Paweł Jaszczuk • Ryszard Horowitz • Magda Hueckel • Grzegorz Kosmala • Zuza Krajewska • georgia Krawiec • Rafał Lewandowski • Rafał Łochowski • Adam Mazur • Katarzyna Mazur • Rafał Milach • Chris Niedenthal • Jens Pepper • Karolina Puchała-Rojek • Katarzyna Sagatowska • Grażyna Siedlecka • Tomek Sikora • Michał Szlaga • Ilona Szwarc • Marta Szymańska • Wiktoria Wojciechowska • Janek Zamoyski • Paweł Żak

texts courtesy of Jens Pepper and Grażyna Siedlecka | Fresh From Poland

Leica 6×7 Gallery Warszawa
20th of September
ul. Mysia 3
6:00 p.m.