Pszemek Dzienis – Pureview

10.02 - 26.03.2017

Landscape for photographs is a topic that is a source of much inspiration. It is connected to the constant human need for documenting the world around them and with historical associations medium of painting. Until the 70s of the twentieth century this relationship was turbulent: full of mutual reproaches and animosity among others. It was associated with attempts to develop new solutions for common heritage.

Pszemek Dzienis

Leica 6×7 Gallery shows a latest work of Pszemek Dzienis which are an excellent example of the latest period for this historic relationship. Landscapes taken with the camera creates an minimalist painting with the abstract gestureof colored spots. For this pictures Dzienis used delicate and surprising in its texture snow which fills almost the whole picture.














Pszemek Dzienis was known from other projects, differing greatly from that which will be shown during the exhibition. This is the result of the decision. – I’ve had enough of commercial work in Warsaw, speed, crowd, so I left. I was looking for peace. In the monochromatic winter I found a color – says Pszemek Dzienis.



Dzienis made a conscious decision to limit the choice of artistic means. Striking the technical quality of the images that usually characterize Dzienis projects, now you can see new effect. It is the skilfully excited admiration for the beauty of the snowy landscape. The same kind of delight were able to capture, by Edward Weston when he was photographing American parks.


Curator: Jakub Śwircz

10.02 – 26.03.2017
Opening: 09.02.2017 (Thursday), 7.00 p.m.
Leica 6×7 Gallery Warszawa, Mysia 3, II floor
Free admission