Street Games

10.02 - 04.03.2012
  • Marcin Plonka

    Marcin Plonka

  • Maciej Dakowicz

    Maciej Dakowicz

  • Damian Chrobak

    Damian Chrobak

un-posed is world captured in a single frame… Cities, streets, men, surprising fragments of banal reality and total absurdity. It’s an relentless game with the subject, it’s photographers’ game with themselves, but it is also the interaction with the viewer, whom street photography can help discover new aspects of everyday life as seen by camera lenses.

The first group exhibition of un-posed collective at Leica Gallery is an answer to the growing interest of Polish audience in street photography. The proof of that interest was the great popularity of two important exhibitions last year: Moment jest jeden (Leica Gallery Warsaw) and Street Photography Now. Fotografia uliczna tu i teraz (The DOC Foundation).

What’s special about the un-posed collective? First of all it’s the passion with which its members deal with the subject of street photography. The group aims to shape the artistic conscience of the audience in Poland as well as promote the achievements of Polish street photographers abroad.

Since 6 years ago I haven’t left home without my camera – says Damian Chrobak, the founder and head of the collective. un-posed was been brought to life in 2011. The group consists of photographers specializing in unposed, non-studio photography also known as “street”, which is classified as a type of documentary photography. It is also identified as an artistic method that is based on capturing details of situations and events occurring in public that go unnoticed by the social majority.

The collective consists of: Michał Adamski, Damian Chrobak, Tomasz Lazar, Maciej Dakowicz, Andrew Kochanowski, Piotr Koszczyński, Zbigniew Osiowy, Paweł Piotrowski, Marcin Płonka, Jacek Szust, Paweł Walczyk and Tomasz Wiech.

Each and every one of them considers street photography as the main subject of their work. At the same time they represent different, individual styles, which only proofs how many various faces street photography really has. Some of them go back to the classic monochrome photography and Henri Cartier-Bresson, others choose more up-to-date take on color photography. What they all have in common is “being ahead of a game”, here it means being very close to the situation and people, it’s everyday photography that may require from you to wait 20 minutes on the metro station for that right moment, this fraction of a second when you instinctively reach for your camera and take the shot…