Szymon Kobusiński – O2

14.03 - 10.04.2012
  • Szymon Kobusiński

    Szymon Kobusiński

Each under water immersion of model allows take three shots. Photographs are created at night and a photographic studio moves to the bottom of the pool. Through a glass the artist is observing underwater spectacle.

O2 is a project made specifically for Leica Gallery by Szymon Kobusiński. Artist prepared 11 large format photographs. This underwater photography in creative way is trying to dominate the matter – water, movement and light . Shooting fashion in happening in zero gravity becomes magical experience. Impression of levitation of body and hair, fabrics that are gaining a new vividness and lightness. The water forms a kind of three dimensionality. When we are looking at the pictures we have a remarkable sense of depth and space.

Photography is complemented by graphics of Piotr Janowczyk – art historian, cartoonist – in his works he mostly operates with typical mass culture, street art and comics language. This unique project where possible because of group of people: „sirens” – Agata Małecka and Martyna Kowalik, creations made by Joanna Paradecka – her works are recycled haute couture based on fabrics obtained from other existing clothes. The author of is characterization Edyta Kobusińska.