Wojtek Wieteska – Nailing Love

20.03 - 02.05.2015

Wojtek Wieteska is one of Poland’s most famous photographers, originating from the European school of journalistic photography. His style stands out due to a conceptual approach to reality. In “Nailing Love” he comes even closer to a conceptual use of photography, building a self-referential project from works created from the 1980s to the present day.

“Are notions or words photogenic? What inspires me to take pictures and what is a fact or an object ready to be immortalized through photography?”, Wieteska comments on his new exhibition. “I use photography, moving images, objects. I consider their mutual relations. When selecting and displaying works, I am interested in the meaning of individuality and originality, copying and duplicating, durability and destructibility. Wandering around the edges of photography and encountering new connections – this is what I currently find the most interesting”.

“Nailing Love” isn’t just an exhibition of photos. Also on display is an archival film rinsing apparatus with 12 photos which in the course of a month-long process will become degraded instead of archived, photos printed using different means and in many sizes – proof sheets next to photo wallpaper. All this makes for an intriguing, never obvious and unusual exhibition.

The curator is Adam Mazur: “This exhibition is a turning point; you can’t say that in this project, any single photo says anything about the world or about Wieteska’s perception. The photos say the most about their author – they make no sense separately, but do make sense as a narrative carefully built for months. Wieteska invokes Marcel Proust, Francisco Goya, he quotes Rembrandt. For example, he seeks out in his archives and very carefully places a picture of his son next to photos of an ancient figurine, and looks for connections among it all”.

Curator: Adam Mazur
Producer: Rafał Łochowski
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