Photography exhibition by Un-Posed collective

31.05 - 18.06.2017


The fundamental tenet of street photography is that nothing in the image is posed or arranged. Street photographers observe, notice and capture those things that others simply don’t see. Some photographers have the gift of predicting events; someone dressed unusually will in a moment be caught in a sun-ray, or a vehicle passing by will briefly cover up an advertisement, or someone hurrying will create an interesting, blurred background. For most street photos, there also a huge element of luck.

The subject of the Niepozowane (“Un-posed”) exhibition is the human being seen in different situations: on the way to work, performing religious duties or just relaxing. These images by 9 photographers were taken in various locations around the world and form a story of the current state of mankind in terms of behaviour, environment and emotion. Why are we drawn to the images? Do we see similarities in our own lives? Have we seen such scenes somewhere before? Candid, spontaneous and momentary, we actually encounter them every day.

“Niepozowane” is the Polish translation of the group’s name (Un-Posed) and also the title of the exhibition. We present the best and latest photos by well-known street photographers.

Photographers: Damian Chrobak, Maciej Dakowicz, Jamie Fyson Howard, Ania Kłosek, Monika Krzyszkowska, Tomasz Kulbowski, Tymon Markowski, Marta Rybicka and Adrian Wykrota

Curator: Joanna Kinowska



Un-posed was founded in 2011 on the initiative of Damian Chrobak. The best known of Polish street photography collectives, it later disbanded but returned in its current from with new members at the beginning of 2016. The group consists of: Damian Chrobak, Maciej Dakowicz, Jamie Fyson Howard, Joanna Kinowska (curator), Ania Kłosek, Monika Krzyszkowska, Tomasz Kulbowski, Tymon Markowski, Marta Rybicka and Adrian Wykrota. The primary objective of the group is to develop creativity and visual consciousness in the public space and to promote the achievements of Polish street photographers.

Street photography is based on capturing unusual events, symbols or anecdotes hidden in everyday situations which occur in public places, but which pass unnoticed by the majority. Despite the fact that the members of the collective work in the same area of interest, each of them has their own individual style, which reveals the complexity and potential of the genre. What they have in common is the ability to anticipate events, be at the centre of the action and the fact that they work each and every day day – patiently, instinctively watching for decisive moments.

As a collective, Un-Posed has to date held exhibitions at the galleries in Warsaw, Lublin, Wroclaw, the Month of Photography in Berlin, as well as the part of the international projects Eastreet and Street Photography Now. The biggest and latest exhibition “Niepozowane” had its premiere on 20th August 2016 in Lublin and consists of 76 carefully selected and arranged photographs including work neither previously published nor seen before.

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